Dewolf Park & Eggs

Today we’re snowed in and I’m dreaming of summer days Advertisements

Silk Flower : January

Silk ribbon embroidery is a new discovery for me and while I wouldn’t say it’s easy, it needn’t be intimidating. The materials are minimal and after some research I decided on two sizes of needles and three sizes of ribbon to get me started. As I get more practice maybe I’ll do a post about…

Projects of 2016

I’ve missed creating. Even in the midst of chaos I can eek out a moment or two to create and it always provides clarity, perspective, and headspace. I don’t want to spend time rambling about the past, right now I am more interested in creating and growing, and though 2017 is young it has given…


  Now that I’m working full-time I’ve been savouring every waking moment with my almost walking toddler, and have been neglecting this little blog in the process.