Recently around here

Her dexterity improves daily, it’s such a thrill to watch her little mind

IMG_0078 IMG_0185 IMG_0249
Oh the flowers, the flowers, I cannot get enough of the rose and lilac bushes in my mum’s garden

My little sailor

Perfecting the blowing of kisses

Her hair becomes this rats nest of tangles after every nap

Brushes and ‘phones’ are her new obsession

IMG_0429 IMG_0432

Going through boxes I have in storage here is such a daunting task, I am such a pack-rat. But finding little gems like this make long work days and lonely empty beds easier.
This weekend Greg will come to visit, and we will celebrate my sister’s 13th birthday! We are very excited for both.
I am on the list as ‘cake decorator’ as she has requested grocery store-bought pound cake, her favourite. What a laugh. Seeing her every day has been lovely, she is the epitome of sunshine to me.

I have a couple of projects coming up, seashells terrarium, cross stitch hanging, antler centrepiece,  dining room chairs reupholstering, doll makeover, and oh that birthday cake : )


One Comment Add yours

  1. Erin Stapleton says:

    Cannot WAIT to see you and this little lady!!

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