Minimalism for our family isn’t about getting down to a set number of items. It’s not about an empty home that echo’s from the lack of art work on the walls. It’s not about being pious about leaving a smaller footprint.

It is about identifying where we find value and realigning our priorities. We value our time together. We value an intentional lifestyle. We value living debt free. Those are the “why” of what we do. Those are all things that I’ll get into another time, but for now, here’s the “how”.

Joshua and Ryan of The Minimalists inspired me with their 30-Day Minimalism Game. In this game, you get rid of the number of items that correspond with that day. So, on day 1 it’s 1 item, day 5 it’s 5 items, day 20 it’s 20 items and so on. 

I liked this idea, but I also recognized I like to be strategic with my time and thought I’d see more value if I tackled one area of our home at a time.

I started by making a list of the top areas I saw clutter in our home and I was surprised how quickly I came up with them.

January – General Declutter
February – DVD/CD/Records/VideoGames
March – Towels/Bedding
Geek Decor
Paper Files
Decor General
Storage Space
Computer clutter

The plan is to tackle one area per month, beginning with a general declutter in January. As we go through each category I will be updating this page with links to each post.