Projects of 2016

I’ve missed creating. Even in the midst of chaos I can eek out a moment or two to create and it always provides clarity, perspective, and headspace. I don’t want to spend time rambling about the past, right now I am more interested in creating and growing, and though 2017 is young it has given me space and impetuous to begin to create more deliberately.

So, a glimpse of things I created in 2016:

|| fooling around with embroidery stitches on beautiful thick fabric my grandmother gave me||
|| So much fun on this one, a simple design with french knots but I love the texture it provides ||
|| vintage teacup soy candles ||
|| seashells! I framed the one on the left for my father (a collection of shells from our Newfoundland beach walks), top right soy candles poured into shells for christmas gifts, bottom right canvas mounted shells for a friends’ birthday ||
|| experimenting with silk ribbon embroidery ||
|| chocolate master chief birthday cupcake toppers ||


|| a wreath to make this place feel like home ||


And now, for many more to come.


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