Mins Game: March

This month we tackled bedding and towels. You wouldn’t believe how many towels we have for a family of 3.

In the end we got rid of 9 small and large towels, and still have enough for our family of 3, and 3 guests (which is the most we have at once). Some of the old towels became rags for painting or cleaning, others that were in better shape were donated.

Bedding was interesting as it came as a surprise to me. It felt like we had way too many sets of bedding, when in fact we have just the right amount. We do however have an excess of pillowcases (who needs 10 sets of pillowcases?!). I think the reason it felt so cluttered was because of the heavy comforters we have to store for guests and don’t use all year round. A solution for these is to find a better place to store them so they are there when we need them, but not falling out of the cupboard every week I go looking for clean sheets.


This is also a great excuse to post a picture of the quilt my grandmother made for me. How amazing is this piece. I was afraid it would get damaged if it was on our bed with kids and pets around, but I wanted to display it. I decided to hang it in our bedroom and now it doubles as an art piece and a feature wall (it is h-u-g-e) Handmade art made with love is the best art.


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