Mins Game: February

This month we tackled our CDs, DVDs, Records, and VideoGames.

I got rid of 21 CD’s, and kept 5. Greg got rid of 66 and kept 15. We also got rid of 2 TV series and 7 XBOX games that were duplicates.

We separated out about 30 movies that we will either watch once more and donate, or decide to keep.

The record collection is mine, and I chose 5 to donate. I recently did a cull of my records right before we moved last year and sold/got rid of about 20 so I’m happy with that.

Thoughts on value
We estimated that Greg’s binder of CDs was valued at $1215. Now that’s a lot of money to simply give away, but do you know anyone who wants to pay even $5 per used cd anymore? Nope.
Those CDs no longer have value to us as pretty much all the music we listen to is on our phones. Just because something has monetary value doesn’t mean you have to hold onto it if  you no longer use it or find value in it. So before we took the CDs to a donation centre we ripped the ones we wanted to add to our phones.

Now TV series are something that I rewatch. A lot (and I mean a lot). I don’t have many movies that I will watch more than once, but my favourite shows I can have on repeat for weeks. Some of these series are on Netflix, but not most and even if they are sometimes they are not renewed and will disappear. So to me, owning my favourite shows on DVD is of great value to me. This is a key concept for us; minimalism isn’t about purely owning less, it’s about holding onto the things that you find valuable, and letting go of the things that don’t.



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