2013 In Pictures



You have been exhausting.

I have spent the past twelve months studying you and like a teenager you have grown more contrary with age. You were just, so, difficult. Unpredictable and moody you were so fickle! January through March are just a blur of sleepless nights and frustration.

But you grew up, a bit. You brought new challenges and some great memories this is true. And the ending sure was lovely, Christmas always is. But we are tired, so tired.

So be gentle 2014!


People seem to take New Years very seriously, it’s a big deal! I have been hearing about people’s New Year’s plans for weeks! So as I sit here writing Christmas thank-you cards I’ll ask you to brace yourselves as I say…

We don’t do New Years.


We wouldn’t believe the looks I’ve gotten over the years from that statement. This is so foreign to people! After my numerous regrettable experiences surrounding New Years and Greg’s home-body vibe, neither Greg or myself have any desire to celebrate the New Year in a drunken stupor or setting unattainable goals.

Our family system actually revolves around making goals throughout the year, and celebrating the little things that keep us going. What that looks like is always changing, sometimes it’s monthly goals or a surprise date night, but that excitement is what works for us.


Pictures in no particular order, shall we?

IMG_1039 IMG_1007 IMG_1099 IMG_1101 photo Photo on 2013-05-30 at 23.36 IMG_1609 IMG_1620 IMG_1634 IMG_1651 IMG_1667 IMG_1673 IMG_1692 IMG_1796 IMG_1848 IMG_1854 IMG_1863 IMG_1867 IMG_1870 IMG_0454 IMG_0456 IMG_0458 IMG_0001 IMG_0039 IMG_0136 IMG_0230 IMG_0226 IMG_0287 IMG_0320 cheeky IMG_0397 IMG_0407 IMG_0415 IMG_0419 IMG_0437 IMG_0441 IMG_0433 IMG_0456 IMG_0003 IMG_0007 IMG_0185 IMG_0186 IMG_0191 IMG_0226 IMG_0236 IMG_0251 IMG_0275 - Version 2 IMG_0357 IMG_0379 IMG_0430 IMG_0453 IMG_0003 IMG_0016 IMG_0074 IMG_0148 IMG_0154 IMG_0310 IMG_0390 IMG_0429 IMG_0432 IMG_0501 IMG_0537 IMG_0573 IMG_0617 IMG_0681 IMG_0700 IMG_0704 IMG_0721 IMG_0800 IMG_0109 IMG_0122 IMG_0139 IMG_0128

KG-77 KG-71 KG-67 KG-19


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