Audrey Says…

Can you believe Audrey is 17 months today? Because we over here, cannot.


Audrey has decided she’s a little hippy vegan and rejects 95% of all meat and fish. Although we haven’ t jumped on the tofu train just yet, we are eating our fair share of hummus and wow butter these days. (Throw protein recipes our way if you’ve got them and love them!)

On the list of favourites, blueberries and cucumber dominate the field. Fruit and vegetables of any kind are almost always a safe bet which is more than lovely. Green beans, broccoli, peas, strawberries, pears, apples. Love it.


// Peaches are fuzzy so they’re scary for a second

Vocabulary and mobility have exploded in the past couple of months. Audrey was always a talker, but now we’ve moved into sentence territory and it’s faaaantastic. “I want mommy” “blueberries please” “I don’t know”ย  ….SENTENCES

Although I stopped counting her words, her newest edition is “xbox”, which she likes to whisper to you as if it’s a special secret. (We have Netflix and no cable, so xbox = tv)



Late to the walking party Audrey never crawled, but at 14 months and 2 days decided it was time to get up and walk. Her first attempt was 16 steps. (!!!!) Only recently has she mastered the crouch position, and now she likes to crouch and count/talk at her toes. Adorable.


Even with all these words, I’m constantly amazed at how much more she actually understands than can verbalize. I’ll be making small talk about how I need to put on my shoes and I’ll turn around and she’ll have brought me – often two different styles mind you – a pair of shoes! Or you’ll tell her you need to clean her face and she promptly brings you the tissues

Shoes, hairbrushes and necklaces, these are Audrey’s toys. Greg was convinced I have been steering her into girly-territory for the 3 months I was working away this summer but I assure you, this is alllll Audrey’s idea. Confession time; I brush my hair once every three days. JUST SAYIN’.

// Achievement Unlocked: Ponytail Status

// A house my Dad made & painted for my sister, which now lovingly bears Audrey’s name. I cannot tell you how much she loved this while we stayed at my parents for the summer.

// Carrying a Nightmare Before Christmas lunchbox on Saturday. Carrying a Bible on Sunday morning. We’re a multifaceted family.

If I had to pick a moment out of all the gushy squeeze worthy moments it would be bedtime. If you hug her real close and whisper, “is it bedtime? Time for some milk?” she will jump down from your lap, say “okay, milk” and run in to her room to wait for you to bring her a bottle. Not having to fight bedtimes? GLORIOUS.


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