Δ This Week’s 5 Things Δ


I’m going to break all the rules with this initial 5 Things series by a) actually having six things and
b) not featuring things from this week at all! I was inspired by Ramshackle Glam and Cupcakes and Cashmere
who have both done something similar to this, and I think it’s a good reminder to focus on the little things.






// a little diy birthday card for my sister-in law

// the christmas tree topper that I made this year that I love. (and if you think it’s too late to talk about
Christmas you are mistaken. It is always Christmas talking time. P.s. Only 240 days just fyi…)

// miso soup for two; Audrey loves the little seaweed bits

// an easter cake to be proud of (more pictures coming soon)

// this is how I study, it’s truly glamorous

// superbowl oreo brownies that unfortunately looked better than they tasted (coated in unsweetened baker’s chocolate, oops!)


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