Being intentional


Monday’s favourite question is always “what did you do this weekend”, and honestly, I probably couldn’t tell you to be sure. Partially because my brain capacity seems to be decreasing exponentially, but I think it has more to do with the fact we don’t really have weekends. Greg works Saturdays, so it feels like a weekday, and then Sunday is early morning for church and usually a visit with the in-laws or a grocery shop. But this weekend I made the effort to be intentional about how we spent our time, and it felt good!

Saturday was all about playtime. I unpacked some toys I’ve squirreled away from my baby days, mostly to put on shelves in A’s room, but some to pass along.

This is an audio book on a cassette tape, remember those?! It’s Disney’s The Ugly Duckling, and it has a little book where you can follow along. I can vividly remember staring at those pages, waiting for the chime noise to tell me it was time to turn the page. Each page now coated in masking tape to keep it together, oh it was well loved! My sister will love this video, purely for the fact that Audrey is decked out in polka dots, head to toe hah!Sunday I made the real deal, a meal a Sunday could be proud of. Jamie Oliver’s Steak & Guinness puff pastry, and  a Chocolate Guinness Cake. We don’t really celebrate St. Patty’s Day, but the Guinness theme was my contribution and it was a hit all ’round!

The stew was more of a labour of patience than a labour of love, and the cake was moist but not reminiscent of beer.
I’d show you, but they were both devoured. Quickly.
As for recipes, the cake was from Real Simple, and the Steak & Guinness from Jamie Oliver. As a bonus, Jamie’s is a youtube video, even easier!


Monday was all about designing ^this logo for a mock contest, fun stuff!
Tuesday I lost my cool a bit and probably was a liiiittle too vocal with someone I respect. I immediately apologized, but it was one of those things where you meant everything you said so you were more apologizing for the tone than the content, tricky y’know?


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