Anything to avoid poetry

I don’t have anything against poetry per say, but the method by which certain professors teach it can make it unbearable. So, in an effort to procrastinate writing a paper for said professor I picked up a project I’ve had half done for awhile.

photo (8)

What are my dreams made of? A workroom. Just me, a bench with a light and maybe a chair. And space to be messy please!

photo (10)

Comic book letters! Easy peasy but a little time consuming. Going to hang these above A’s crib.

photo (9)

A little file folder with categorized sandpaper sheets my father made for me. I love when I can recognize aspects of my parents in my own behavior. What, you don’t organize your sandpaper sheets?

My whole little Churchill family is coming down for Audrey’s 1st birthday and I’m getting excited I tell you, excited!!


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  1. Max says:

    That would hurt

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