Audrey Says …


Would you look at all those teeth!

Audrey likes

// Cheese! We’ve introduced dairy products, and while cow’s milk isn’t a big hit, yoghurt and cheeses are a go-to snack.

//Peekaboo. Everything is better with Peekaboo. And now that A’s learned how to do it herself, as soon as you lay her down in her crib she immediately finds a toy, sticks it on her face and starts to giggle. The best part is she hasn’t exactly figured out her eyes need to be covered, so a spoon over the nose, or a stuffed animal over the mouth totally counts for her. Hilarious.

// Food! Let’s just say food in general. Fruits in particular, bananas, oranges, mangoes, it’s all delicious.

Audrey dislikes

// Teething. 10 teeth!! Well 8 and 2 peeking corners but we’re counting it to make the last couple of weeks of red cheeks and whining count.

//Playing by herself if you’re holding anything electronic. Cellphone, computer, ipad, xbox controller = NO, IT’S MINE OR YOU PLAY WITH ME.

New Tricks

// Straws! Very proud of herself that she has mastered using straws. Much less mess than an open cup and adorable to boot.

// Babbling ga-lore. Her favourite is ‘YUP’, which sounsds more like ‘AP’, but she likes to insert it into conversations if she doesn’t feel she’s said much recently.

// The acrobatic shuffle. This is what I call her attempt at ‘crawling’. Step 1 Do the splits Stept 2 stretch your arms out and on the floor Step 3 Use your heels and your hands to pull yourself forward, maintaining the splits position Step 4 Repeat until reached desired object.


And then these are just some faces she’s working on. Modeling 101. What a little turkey. (You have to click it to see the gif apparently. Working on it!)


Watching you grow up is a blast kiddo.


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