Audrey Says …


9 months?! Already!!

Audrey likes

//     Baths. Ironically, not a big fan of bubbles, or being splashed, but has such a proud look on her face when she swipes all her toys off the edge and into the water.

//     Naps! Mama’s favourite part, not gonna lie. She actually cannot wait to get wrapped up in her sleepsack and snuggle with her lovies. But so help you if she throws one of them out of the crib…

//     Audrey loooooves her Nanha-zl. I mean, LOVES her. Just to watch her face light up when she hears my mother’s voice fills me with butterflies. My mum constantly seeks to encourage me in every aspect of my life and her perseverance in loving/raising us girls has given me a beautiful model I aspire to. My mum is very special to me, and Audrey’s middle name is named after her. It gives me such joy to think of her being a special figure to Audrey as she grows up.

Audrey dislikes

//     Getting changed. I have images of trying to put mittens on a velociraptor, and I think it compares quite well.

//     Tummy time. I think she’s forgotten that she can in fact roll back and forth, and now promptly shrieks the moment she finds herself on her stomach.

//     Teeth. She used to get whiny while teething, but now with a blossoming collecting of eight (8 !!) her reaction to teething is one of pure angst. She angrily stuffs toys into her mouths while growling, growling people, and scrunches up her face to resemble a wolf devouring prey. She has also started to grind her teeth on occasion, which terrifies me as I grind my teeth at night occasionally and have the migraines to prove it.

New Tricks

//     Waving is the new craze. For the first couple of days all she would do was wave. Wave at the cat, wave at the fridge, wave and complete strangers in grocery isles. Adorable. But now she reserves her waves for mornings and after naps, and refuses to do when prompted.

//     We’re a big fan of the dubbed ‘scrunchy smile’ that has recently developed. When Audrey notices us in the room, or is particularly excited, she’ll whip out this huge toothy grin, which causes her whole face wrinkle up in a sunshine smile.



We’re pretty proud of our little pumpkin.


Whaaaaat, who me?!?!


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