And then there are Mondays

Waking up to new beginnings is always so exciting, anticipation before your feet even hit the floor, it’s like Christmas! (And we all know how I feel about Christmas…<3)

Monday the 7th was one of those days. It was the first day back to classes after my 8 month Maternity Leave. This, is a big deal. Big deal because I love school. No, I mean I love school. Academics have always been something I’ve excelled in, and university has given me challenges that I’ve been proud to overcome. (There is that one class that I screwed up the final exam and it brought down my GPA by .3 and LET ME TELL YOU I have not forgotten it. It’s a fresh wound. Whenever I start to whine about my sad 3.6 GPA my mom tells me to suck it up buttercup because I was after all 39 weeks pregnant, planning my own wedding and in university full-time. So there is that…)

So, Monday the 7th. The beginning of classes! I also have a meeting that gets the ball rolling on writing applications for my first work term this summer. Big day!
I was on time, nay early, even enough time to make coffee to take with me. And that’s when I tip the coffee filter filled to the brim with scalding hot water all over my hand and wrist. Now, I know water is hot, but was unaware it would cause your skin to ripple and curdle like that. HOLY COW OUCH. Instantly it starts to blister and the color gets deeper and deeper. But school…
Walking around campus I was tempted on numerous occasions to plunge my throbbing hand into snowbanks, watching them steam and melt from the heat that is just emanating from the burn.

When I get home, I am already done. Overwhelmed by the decisions for my work term, decisions that need answers quickly. And then Greg gently places his hand on my shoulder, and tells me that my grandfather passed away the night before. And the dishwasher is broken, and my puppy is having liver failure and oh my goodness my hand is on fire. 

So this is where I’ve been. I was not planning on staying away for so long, but it became a habit. I’ve decided I need this outlet, I need to remind myself daily of all the little things that do  go well, or at least make me smile. Things are looking so very different than they did two weeks ago, and I think we’re all trying to make it work.

So here’s a bit of what’s going right, while I fold laundry my little pumpkin sits on the bed, soaking up some french tv and playing with a fabric book my grandmother made for me way back in the day. These are good times.


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