Snack Time!

Adjusting to a ‘stay at home’ role was not something I thought would come easy to me. The pure independence of dictating my own schedule and not having project deadlines seemed…bleak.
Boy was I in for a shocker, stay at home mom’s how do you doooooo it! I’m here all day and I barely get food on the table or make a dent in the laundry pile. Big ups girls, big ups indeed.

Being home, we’ve developed our own little routine, me and my sidekick. There’s what I affectionately refer to as ‘the breakfast mumble’. That time of the morning when I ladle out spoonfuls of the fav’s: apple and raspberries mixed with rice cereal to the babbling beauty, while I try desperately not to zonk out in a bowl of mush.
But after we’ve survived the morning and are up from the afternoon nap comes my favorite part of the day; snack time. Papa’s just gone off to work, and it’s time to throw on some Christmas records and have some girl talk. (She’s all “Da da daaaadadadada” and I’m all “I’ve told  you before, he’s gotta go to work to bring in the bacon!” Sigh, she just doesn’t get it.) It’s rice husks for baby and coffee for mama. Do you know how fascinating it is to watch a baby eat? Your baby? I mean, a couple of months ago they didn’t know how to chew, and now they’re picking things up with their chubby little fingers and figuring out it’s a bad idea to stick the whole thing in their mouths. Brilliant.


And looks at those thighs! Atta girl : ) I’m callin’ her sweet knees as long as I can before she learns the words “No Ma”.


Ah, I’m going to miss this.


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