Greg’s Superhero Birthday Party

I have never seen a man so afraid of having another year under his belt. Well, maybe that’s not entirely true, but still!
In light of his fearfulness, I opted for a youthful theme, mixing his/our two favorite things; comics & zombies.

Pretty much everything is diy here, from the banner, to the wolverine balloons, to the speech balloon in the treat bowls and cake. A labour of love I tell ya.





The drink list and invitation/schedule were probably one of my favorite parts to make.

And then for the games!
Don’t you just love that cut out of G’s face? Hah, toooo much fun.
We forgot to get any action shots, but safe to say I won.




Any excuse to use the Nerf arsenal, am I right?
They originally had a purpose, we were stocking up for a reason I promise! More on that another day.

All that’s missing is the cake! Where’s the cake you ask? Devoured. Gone.
BUT, there is a picture on Greg’s phone that I’ll add in later.

Happy Birthday handsome, hope it was as fun as you are. Especially that part when you near whimpered with each snip of the scissors when I made that banner. Ha-dorable.


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