Audrey’s Week: Ontario Edition

While we were on vacation visiting Greg’s family, I found a fantastic app to help document our first family trip without any hassle. I knew I’d never sift through tons of photos of our trip once we were home, so I decided to take only a few shots and use Red Stamp to add borders and text.

Red Stamp is awesome. I can’t say enough about it. Simply choose a template, take a photo, or use one already stored on your phone, add some text and voila, you’re done! I then emailed the finished copies to friends and family so they could keep up with our hectic week!

Audrey didn’t do quite as well on the plane ride as she did a month earlier when we flew to Newfoundland, but it being wayyy past her bedtime and the fact that she was only 3 months old gave her a whole ‘lotta leeway. And just look at that face, I mean, c’mon…

Meeting the Grandma’s was a big deal, especially as Audrey was the first for Grandma Gaspar. I loved meeting her and hearing her stories. She told us all about her emigration to Canada from Slovenia  and how hard it was growing up. You could tell she loves to share her stories as a way to connect with people, such a kind woman.

For me it was the first time meeting Greg’s friends, and let me tell you, kids are a fantastic way to break the ice! We all sat around and talked about the ups and downs of this new lifestyle we’ve all jumped headfirst into. And Audrey was a champ, hardly fussing at all which makes a big difference to the parents reflection of how the night goes.

It was wonderfully nostalgic for Greg to get back to the cottage his family vacationed in every summer while he was growing up. It makes me excited to start our own traditions.

This was probably my favorite day. Besides the IKEA day, because I mean lets face it…it’s IKEA.

I love the beach. I love the sand, and the waves, and the shell collecting and the salty smell. While it was far too hot for Audrey to experience water herself, Greg and I thoroughly enjoyed the warm waves.

Mmmm, Farmer’s Markets. Hands down, the best market I’ve ever been to. Held in Mennonite country, the St. Jacob’s Farmer’s Market has everything you could think of, and then some. Spicy pepperettes, still warm mini donut, fresh baguettes and beautiful wild lilies, I just know I’d spend far too much if we lived there!

Oh Seguin. Hurry up and finished that Master’s of yours so we can drag you out east to live with us!!
Can you tell how skeptical he is about holding A? If I recall correctly, his exact words were “What?? You want ME to hold her? You can’t just put her on my lap like this!”

Wiped. Goodness. With all that and more accomplished, it was so nice to curl up together and breathe at the end of the day.

Would I recommend traveling with such a young baby? Yes! Absolutely! Do it before they get distracted by every little sound and need complete silence to sleep, and for heavens sake do it before they start teething!


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