And so it goes…

My parents left this morning after a visit that seemed all too short. But then again, they always do.
We have discovered that we are a family that don’t do conventional vacations; be it because of my never ending lists of projects, or my parents drive for productivity, either way we always seem to come down to the final days before we really stop and sit.

During this trip my father built and stained our new living room shelves, as well as sanded, stained and assembled three nesting tables.
My mum made two new throw pillow covers for our futon, a baby sling for sweet Audrey, and helped organize A’s now over abundance of clothes.
These are the projects that come to mind, but I can assure you I’m missing several.

If I was to describe our visits in one word it would be fruitful. Both in productive substance and emotional growth. I love having them visit, watching them dote over our little girl, or sit on the balcony and catch up over coffee.

It is always hard to say goodbye. That’s where these little beauties come in. As a little pick me-up, Greg took me to the pet store this morning after A’s morning nap, and we picked out two little goldies to keep me company.


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